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We position ourselves as a One-Stop Shop, mainly directed for all foreign citizens wanting to live in Portugal, providing multidisciplinary legal services (ranging from immigration, real estate, business incorporation and tax laws).

If you are looking forward to living or working remotely in Portugal, contact us and we will gather all your legal needs. We are a team of PORTUGUESE professionals (lawyers, solicitors and paralegals) located in Lisboa and Porto – and we also have clients in the Algarve, Madeira and Azores, where they are assisted in person by one of our local partners.

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Have an high-skilled job
Are a non-EU citizen
Want to apply to the NHR

Checked these 3 boxes? Great! You can apply for a residency permit and we will help you find out which permit suits you best.

The top 3 reasons

Why Portugal?

LOW Taxes
  • 0% on crypto, dividends, wealth and most income
  • 10% on pensions
  • 20% on freelancing
A brand new e-residency program
Portugal is currently about to start a new e-residency program, in addition with the ongoing visa programs directed to people who live on their own (passive) income, people who want to enjoy their retirement and remote workers that prefer to live in a beautiful country like ours.
The European Union's Gem
If you live on your own income or if you are a Digital Nomad, this is your opportunity to settle in a country that is considered European Union’s Gem.

You are also required to...

US Citizens shall be aware that:

You can not enter Portugal under a tourist visa and apply here for a residence permit (yes, we will handle all the paperwork to assure that you will get both the needed Visa and the desired Residence Permit); According to the new regulations, the first residence permit will be valid for two years - if you want to have it renewed for 3 more years, you will be asked if you spent, at least, 183 days per year in Portugal. There are some exceptions but this is the general rule. In some cases, your current income (if over $9,500/year) will be enough to get you a residence permit. Please always have in mind that you may qualify to exclude your foreign earnings from income up to $112,000/year if you comply with the IRS exceptions.


Expats are welcome everywhere

Most welcoming country for expats in the world (InterNations™ Global Guide) and Portugal is the only european country in the top 16.

4th strongest passport in the world after 5 years

After 5 years in Portugal, you can apply for a Portuguese passport, which is the 4th strongest in the world (Global Passport Index™️ 2021).

English is widely spoken by the population

Portugal ranks 7th on the 2021 EF™ English Proficiency Index, so you will always be able to communicate while you develop your own Portuguese skills.

There's more to love and enjoy in Portugal

Conference call

During the conference call, we will analyze your situation and your goals. You will be able to present your questions and doubts.



30-minute conference with a Portuguese Lawyer (enrolled in the Portuguese Bar Association for 20 years) with a background in immigration law.

Residency plan

Moving to Portugal and gaining Portuguese residency might seem like a complicated process for non-EU citizens.

From €650


Legal assistance
TIN (NIF) request
Residency address registration
NHR application

Incorporate your business

Start your own company (LLC) in Portugal, get your VAT number, get enrolled in VIES and expand all over europe

From €650


Custom name registration
LLC creation
Manager enrolment at Social Security
Tax representation

Freelancer set-up

Registering as a freelancer and acquiring a social security number (NISS). Only if you’d like to work as a self-employed freelancer.


Tax Obligations

Filing your annual tax returns, the cost may vary according to the type of income you have.

From €150/yr

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