A huge number of Sephardic Jews were evacuated from Portugal in the 15th and
16th centuries who preserved their language, the rites of the Portuguese old Jewish
cult, their family names, and numerous things and records to exemplify their origin
and historical connection. Now, the descendants of Sephardic Jews can gain
Portuguese citizenship without needing to live in Portugal or even speak the
Portuguese is one of the world’s greatest and most accommodating countries for
worldwide expansion and remote work. It is considered to be the world’s third safest
country, which even holds the world’s fourth strongest passport. 

Law of Return

The Sephardi Jews who were forced to leave Portugal, settled throughout the world,
particularly in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the American continent. However, on
July 3, 2013, the Portuguese Citizenship Act was revised and allowed the acquisition
of Portuguese citizenship by the descendants of Portugal’s Sephardic Jews, known as
the Law of Return.

The prerequisites for citizenship

The eligibility for Portuguese citizenship

Privileges of Sephardic Jewish Citizenship in Portugal